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People in the Lab

Graduate Students

Dan Colman


Justine Hall

Stephanie Moquin-Honors student with Ursula Sheperd

Carmela Carrasco-with Dr. Ursula Sheperd

Part-time molecular biologists

Matt Kirk-Part-time Post-doc in Vesbach Lab

Gone, but not forgotten

Kendra Mitchell

Lydia Zeglin

Erin Crossey

Shannon Fitzpatrick
Honors student with Dr. Ursula Sheperd, Graduate Summa cum laude, received our dept.'s Outstanding Graduating Senior Award, applying to medical schools

Alicia Schock-former work-study research assistant

Megan Mitner
Attending Boston University's Graduate Forensics Program

Gina Ryan
PhD student in the Microbiology program at Cornell University.

Dennis Newall
received his PhD from EPS with Laura Crossey (May 2007), now a post-doc at Los Alamos National Lab.

Michael Bobb
Researcher at the USDA .

Olan Jackson-Weaver
Working toward a Ph.D. in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program at UNMHSC .

JJ Smith
Gone to the Big Easy.

Andrea Leather-Lopez
Attending med school at Ross University.

Jennifer Pincus
Attending UNM School of Medicine.

Nik Rael
Attending the University of Colorado's Architecture Graduate Program.

David Stromberg
Attending med school at UNM.

Sara Caldwell
Earned her MS at Portland State University.