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University of New Mexico  

Current Research

Our research is focused on microbial diversity and function in extreme environments. Currently, we are involved in several projects:

McMurdo LTER Climate Sensitive Ecosystems providing insights for our changing world (NSF ANT-1115245)

Collaborative research: An integrated ecological investigation of McMurdo Dry Valley's active soil microbial communities (NSF OPP 1115245)

EAGER: COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: Habitability of Antarctic Lakes and Detectability of Microbial Life in Icy Environments by Autonomous Year-round Instrumentation (NSF OPP 1340606) with Peter Doran (PI) and John Priscu

Recent Research

The role of snow patches on distribution of soil microbial communities and biogeochemical cycling in the Antarctic Dry Valleys (http://water.engr.psu.edu/antsnow/)

A Microbial Inventory of Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Thermal Features (NSF 02-06773)

Antarctica Project
Collaborative Research: Hydrologic controls over biogeochemistry and microbial community structure and function across terrestrial/aquatic interfaces in a polar desert (NSF 03-38267)